About Us


Onyxon is one of the India’s most developing companies in Tamil Nadu founded in the year 2007. It has a vast team support in various places to work for it. We are providing all kind of IT services with quality and standards to develop our business and obtain a unique position in our global market.

March Towards Progress

Onyxon, a leading provider of it services, delivers superior returns to clients through its cost-effective, high-value service model. Our core portfolio comprises deliver of IT services both innovative service and training. Our products are known to be user-friendly, flexible and excellent in their respective areas.




Best Price




Result Driven

Customer Satisfaction

We have a well qualified and well talented people who are specialized in their area. We always make our clients satisfied with our work depending on their requirements and needs. It’s like a colorful rainbow which will altogether brings a wonderful feel. We provide 98% service to our clients and in future we work for 99% fulfillment to our valuable clients.

Team Approach

Another key element of Onyxon is the effectiveness team emphasis. From the Leadership Team, which is responsible for strategic direction and day-to-day leadership of the business, we believe a team approach is the best way to achieve factual organizational excellence. Hard work, Team work, Cost effective, Timely completion are the highlights differentiating us from our competitors and moving us towards perfection. We can serve to our customers with full efforts on their requirements and needs.

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Our Support Team working hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m in Indian Time. Call Us @ +91 9597528343
Our response time is within 24 - 48 hours on e-Mail Support. e-Mail Us : info (at) onyxon (dot) net